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Freixenet Brut Rose Sparkling Wine Premium Cava NV, 75cl

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Cava Brut Trepat y Garnacha negra Freixenet. Brut Rosé - 75 Cl. COUPAGE: Trepat, Garnacha. PREPARATION: The varieties used for the production of base wine for cava are Trepat and Garnacha. The harvest begins in late September with the variety Trepat and ends in early October with Garnacha. the Trepat variety by the particular features it brings to the wines and champagnes was chosen. Variety of the area Conca de Barberà (Tarragona). Its production is about 1,000 hectares in Catalonia. Its particular characteristics not only depend on the process of development and parenting time, but also depend on the soil, climate and vineyards. Destemming and pressing, by variety, using pneumatic presses for the wine. Macerated with their skins around 10 hours. After these 10 hours, the wort is passed by variety to the fermentation tanks. The first fermentation takes place separately in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures between 15 and 17 ° C. In such deposits planting selected own yeast, which come from the collection of Freixenet is done., And the first fermentation begins. After the first fermentation, between 10 and 12 days and after a series of decanting and treatments, the base wine is ready for bottling and subsequent blend, where he made the second fermentation in the bottle. AGING: Between 12 and 18 months. TASTING NOTES: Cava vivid colored strawberry, bright, abundant bubble average size with good release of carbon forming a good crown. Cava very fruity due to fermentation of the base wine at controlled temperatures between 15 and 17 ° C, retaining much of the aromatic fraction. Rich floral aromas and laurel (own Garnacha), notes of red fruit (blackberry, raspberry), exotic fruits (Granada), dried figs, fresh aromas well harmonized with medium-aged dates. The palate shows great freshness and lightness, soft on the palate, reappearing tastes of red, typical of wines and champagnes rosé cava region fruit. Cava perfect for snacks. Ideal for soft meat, rice an

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12% ABV
Sparkling Wine
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Freixenet Brut Rose Sparkling Wine Premium Cava NV, 75cl

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