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Pimm's No.1, 70cl

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Pimm's No.1, 70cl

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Pimm's is a great way to kick off any event and makes a wonderful wedding drink. You can often find Pimm's at beautiful British sporting events including Wimbledon, the races and the rowing. Whether you're planning a picnic or a BBQ, Pimm's is perfect to share with friends and family. Pimm's also makes a wonderful baking ingredient used in cakes, jellies and jams.

Pimm's was born in London in 1840, when James Pimm created the spirit to aid digestion of oysters. Pimm's went on to be sent to the edges of the empire and was served at Queen Victoria's lunches. Today, you can find Pimm's at Wimbledon, where it's been served for over 50 years.


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Pimm's No.1, 70cl

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